Staff Leasing is an innovative way for HR outsourcing

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To have people on immediately on the pay role of the company is sometimes not possible for all. You need to understand of the fact the companies, particularly the new bees cannot afford to have as they need to put up a whole team to tackle them. Even some of the big companies face the issues in keeping the workforce on their payroll. The outsourcing companies have been considerably helpful in providing the services to the clients as they make a hold on the employees and keep on informing the client on a routine basis about
the progress of the project. The outsourcing companies are truly professional in their approach and been helping out the clients from various parts of the world to set up their business. The clients also find them very useful as all the operations are controlled by them and he is not burdened with any issue comparatively than the regular payments.

Once you start searching an alternative and you will find that there are many options that can able to guide you for the same to go for the workforce hiring. Like a traditional way of
outsourcing from any HR solutions company. It is very common way of employing the employees. The employees are hired by the outsourcing company and are negotiated for the salary and the benefits to them only. The outsourcing company is one of the key points of contact for the employees. But this model does have a disadvantages attached. As the main payment is shared by the outsourcing company. The model allows the outsourcing company to raise the invoice on the behalf of the employed in which 70 per cent of the stake is kept
with them. And there are other models that are coming into existence to downsize the traditional model.

The drawback that you will find with the traditional model is that they do lay lots of pressure on an employee for the productivity and the staffs of the company are treated like goods and commodities. In other words, you can say it harms the productivity of the employees. We see the Staff leasing methods which are promoted by many companies in the domain you will find that they do the similar work but with a difference. And the difference is that they are not billing the client for something wrong preferably on the basis of their wages only. The best part of the process is that the employees are directly confronted with the clients. If the client wishes to increase the wages, then he can do this from his end. The employees receive
the benefits from then and there. This is an amazing practice that corporate should start doing it. If you talk about the expenses from the client’s end then apart from the salary of the employees he is also charged for the gross cost in the month as well like 675$ for the IT support, HR support etc.

There are many benefits for the clients in working with the staff leasing companies. Let’s discuss them:

Ø  The clients know how much he is paying for every employee and how much the employee is receiving from his end. He is not being fooled behind on the behalf of the raising of wrong invoices.

Ø  The clients can take part in the hiring process and can negotiate freely with the employees for the services and the benefits he wants.

Ø  Clients leave all the statutory compliances of the employees to be handled by the staff leasing companies only. As they are acting as a mediator and helping the workforce, so they also should take care the legal formalities related to the work forces.

Ø  The clients know about his every staff and what his role is. He is allowed to intervene at any point of time he wants and can speak and ask the questions with the employees about.

Ø  The clients are at the receptive end receives all reports to let him know that how the team is being handled. He is reported for every minute about the employees and aware about their leaves, attendance and the productivity too. As the employees sit on the premises of the staff leasing company, the client is liable to receive the reports.

These were the client's benefits if he gets attached to the staff leasing company; let’s talk about the benefits of the employees:

Ø  Unlike working as, a third party person the employees can directly interact with the client and have all the transparency about how the company works and knowhow of its core business as well.

Ø  Every employee wants to enjoy the various benefits that he receives apart from his salary like Mediclaim facility, Legal employment contract, etc. The staff leasing company takes care of all these issues on their end.

Ø  The staff leasing company does have the HR staff so that if any issue with the client happens, they can support the employee on their behalf and can help out to reach a solution.

Ø  The staff leasing company does not negotiate on the salary part or keep any part of the salary with them. If the client is willing to send the benefits to the employee, he can directly do. Due to their advantages, the employees are treated like assets, not like commodities with them.

Types of Industries where staff leasing plays a major role:

The staff leasing 2.0 model is one of the best to serve the clients today, as it offers more transparency to the clients which mean they have more control over the process.

Let’s talk about the industries which are the best for the staff leasing companies:

The staff leasing companies is best for some of the sectors Like Tech support, software services, Back Office, Tax, HR, Accounting etc. These sector companies have the requirements for the staff leasing companies and as the clients on these sections like to outsource their work so they like to tie up with such kind of companies that can look forward to them
work too.

In the Philippines, the staff leasing companies have already established themselves in Manila and are looking forward to making their pace in Subic Bay & Angeles too. It will definitely be helpful for the companies that are situated in these cities to take their services and go

forward for their projects. As with the staff leasing companies, the client need not bother with any issue of staffing as the workforce is managed by the staff leasing companies. And the employees are also very aligned with you and they know what’s going to the bars of the outsourcing companies. So do look for one of the best staff leasing companies in the Philippines so that you and your employees will not be at all at risk.


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