Saving Money On Business Essentials - Point of Sale Paper

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Lowering expenditure on essential items is an ongoing process for all business operations, the more paid for such items will only represent a greater loss the longer it continues, finding low cost alternatives for essential items is not only necessary, it's vital for long term operations and expanding businesses.

One such essential item is point of sale paper supplies, mainly found in receipt and EFTPOS machines, but also used for kitchen dockets in restaurants and pubs. The point of sale supply sector is often overlooked by many companies, as they have agreements with banks or point of sale terminal operators to supply paper at what is often believed to be a lower cost alternative. Unfortunately this is often not the case, and many businesses pay up to double the price offered by privately operated wholesale paper suppliers. If you are unaware of the wholesale price of receipt paper, continue reading.

EFTPOS paper rolls for businesses with high customer turnover per year can be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars more dealing with paper suppliers integrated into the point of sale hardware companies supply chain, what many fail to realise is that all EFTPOS machines have a uniform standard when it comes to sizes. All EFTPOS paper has a width of 57mm, regardless of the type of machine, where you sourced it, or what your current supplier implies.

Secondly, all EFTPOS machines utilise a thermal printer, so any thermal paper rolls in 57mm width are 100% compatible with your device, the only problem is how thick a roll your machine can handle. This will need to be measured by you compared to another paper rolls of similar size, if in doubt, get the smallest version, if it appears larger rolls will fit, use the next size up next time, or ask your supplier for a sample of all 3 before ordering.

Ordering in bulk is key to maximising savings, and I'm not talking in terms of 12 paper rolls instead of singles, wholesales boxes usually come in sizes of 24 rolls per box, lower sizes are rarely, if ever, offered at wholesale rates by suppliers.

Receipt printer supplies are also uniform, with standardised paper sizes and standardised data input plugs, meaning they can be used on any point of sale system. There are two main differences, thermal paper and bond (regular) paper.

If you are unsure which type of printer you have, ask yourself, does the printer have the requirement of using a printer ink ribbon, or if unknown, does the device have an opening where a printer ink ribbon (appearance is like that of a cassette) can be replaced.

If your answer is yes, then you require receipt printer ink ribbons / cassettes for the ink source, and bond paper rolls in your machines width.

If your answer was no, then your printer is a thermal printer, as they utilise heat instead of ink to transfer the data onto the paper. Another way to tell thermal paper is to place the paper near a heat source, if it begins to turn black or grey when approaching the heat source, then it is definitely thermal.

Thermal paper rolls are available in 57mm x 45mm (wholesale is done via individual boxes of 50), 57 x 75mm (again 50 per box) and 80mm x 80mm (boxes of 24).

Bond paper rolls are always 76mm wide, and 76mm thick. The only difference is that you can purchase single (one sheet of plain paper), two / twin ply receipt paper rolls (two pieces of paper, the second makes a carbon copy of the first, copy is made in yellow paper, front is white) or triple / triplicate paper rolls (makes 2 carbon copies of the original and is coloured white / yellow and pink).

Whatever your point of sale paper requirements, there is a wholesale solution to you, we hope this article has proven useful and will assist you to easily select a wholesaler for paper rolls in Australia to save your business money on each sale you process.