8 Design Tips to Steal from Hotel Bathrooms

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Hotels are some of the best-designed places you can go to. Decorations in hotels, especially the grandiose ones, are truly exquisite, and the total feel almost resembles a royal palace. Everything is intricately designed in order to give the guests the most luxurious feeling during their stay.
No matter how you put it, hotels are just so grand, making them inspiring of what you would want to do with your own home. The lobby, the elevators, and even the corridors look fine. Even the bathrooms are good, which can give us a lot of inspiration for a bathroom makeover. This makes us want to share some tips on how we should redecorate our home bathrooms in the image of hotel bathrooms.
Here are 8 design tips shared with us by http://www.chesters.co.nz/that you cansteal from hotel bathrooms that you can use to integrate into your own home’s bathroom:

Brighten up your bathroom with gorgeous lighting

Notice how good hotel bathrooms are lit up? One of the first things that you can recognize in a hotel bathroom is how the lighting is gorgeous. This is further accentuated with large mirrors that beautifully reflects the light. There is no good bathroom with pitiful lighting. So brighten up your room with amazing, but not necessarily expensive, lights. With beautiful lighting, your bathroom would be like that of a hotel.

Paint it white with elegant simplicity

Some hotels opt for white bathrooms. It’s simple and elegant at the same time. Even the towels are white. This is usually partnered with wooden furniture.  It gives the bathroom a pure and clean feel. But you must commit yourself to maintaining the cleanliness of your dominantly white bathroom, otherwise, it will give the exact opposite of a clean and posh feeling.

Go for Grey for a classic look

If white is not for you, then you must try grey. It’s one of the best neutral colors that work best for kitchens and bathrooms. Match this with metallic furniture and you will have a high-end greybathroom at home.

Revamp your shower with tiles

It is a good idea to bring exciting patterns to your bathroom, especially the shower area, with the use of tiles. If tiles are a bit out of the budget, you may consider subway tiles which can still give the desired look and feel. The idea is wanting to break blank space with patterns, and tiles will give you just that.

Paint doors and trim in glossy black

While some would choose a high-gloss white paint for your bathroom door, going for black is awonderful consideration. A glossy black door looks very sophisticated and would work so well for your hotel-inspired bathroom. This would work well for a high-contrast bathroom should you want to go with white paint on the inside of your bathroom, and choosing black furniture. Black paint would also blend well should you opt for a neutral gray bathroom.

Marvel with marble

You can foster a marvelous feel for your bathroom with the use of marble. You can have a beautiful marble countertop or you can line your shower with marble tiles. You can also accent your bathroom with a mosaic of shiny marbles.


Go for frameless shower doors

A lot of hotels also make use of frameless shower doors that are usually made of glass. Should you consider this for your own bathroom, benefits include looking better than framed doors, being open for customization and being less risky for mold build-up. However, here are some cons to it: being a bit more costly, requiring perfect fitting to prevent thegap between the door and the rest of the division, and being prone to damage.

Personalize with a wallpaper accent

A little wallpaper can help you personalize your bathroom. There are lots of available wallpapers out there that can turn your bathroom into that of a hotel. However, wallpapers require ventilation so if your ventilation is not that good, you should keep wallpapers in powder rooms.

Turn your bathroom into a hotel bathroom now

These 8 hotel bathroom ideas will turn your home bathroom into a gorgeous bathroom that you, your family, and visitors would love to use. Use the ideas above on how you can beautify your bathroom now!